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Your Side Of The Story: Assault And Violent Crimes Cases

The most important action to take when facing an assault and violent crime charge is to have your side of the story heard. Because so many times the court, law enforcement and the prosecution see you as nothing more than a case number.

At Zuckerman Law, we understand the importance of telling your side of the story, of showing you as a person, not a case file.

Tenacious Defense For Violent Crimes

Attorney Tally Zuckerman has successfully defended clients against practically every type of charge, before every type of jury and judge. We have a special insight and skill when defending charges against marginalized groups including LGBTQ. If you are facing charges for a violent crime, call our office today at 720-500-5757 and speak with a lawyer who can immediately help.

We can help with charges that include:

  • Domestic violence: At Zuckerman Law, we know that every story has two sides. We understand that in every partnership there can be disagreements, arguments and fights. Sometimes the events that are reported to law enforcement are dramatized, embellished or, in some cases, pure fiction. We know how to deal with this.
  • Felony: If you are charged with first-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, burglary, second-degree kidnapping (even moving someone across the room), aggravated robbery or homicide, we have the experience needed to fight to have the charges reduced and even dismissed.
  • Harassment: It takes special technical and legal knowledge to effectively defend against charges relating to telephone harassment, repeated electronic communications, social media stalking or bullying and perceived threats made via text messages. We can help.
  • Misdemeanor: We are ready to defend you against violation of protective order charges, criminal mischief charges and charges relating to telephone obstruction.
  • Child abuse: We represent parents, babysitter, caregivers and grandparents in child abuse cases. We recognized that while child abuse is a serious matter, not everything a child says is always true. Children can be coached to say things from another parent, or repeat things they have seen on TV or other places.

    At Zuckerman Law, we fully investigate child claims of abuse or neglect. We work regularly with the Department of Human Services and will track down reports, hire an investigator, interview people who know the child, obtain school records, bring in experts and fully assess the reliability of the accuser. When necessary we will take the case to trial. We are on your side.

  • Homicide: This is not the kind of case to work with an inexperienced attorney, who does not have the know-how to handle negotiations. At Zuckerman Law, we have extensive experience with homicide defense. As your attorneys, we will work immediately to protect you and invoke your right to silence. We know which experts to call in and how to read a coroner’s report to find inconsistency.
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A Safe Place For LGBTQ

In Colorado, same-sex relationships are often overlooked when it comes to domestic violence. Zuckerman Law, is a safe place for anyone, in any type of relationship, seeking solid defense in domestic violence charges.

The Experience That Matters

If you are facing a criminal assault or violent crime charge in Denver, do not leave your defense to chance. Call the firm with the experience that matters. Call Zuckerman Law, at 720-500-5757, or email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.