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Dedicated To Your Defense

You wouldn’t want a designated hitter on your team who has never been to batting practice. Nor would you want a lawyer to defend you against criminal charges if that lawyer has no public defender experience.

The Experience You Need

At Zuckerman Law, we believe that to be a good criminal defense lawyer you must have several years of public defender service under your belt. You need to already understand the system, the types of charges and most importantly the defense strategy that will work. As attorneys we and Tally Zuckerman, have the defense experience it takes to understand how to protect you and safeguard your rights. In fact, we have represented thousands of clients. There is not a case we have not seen. Nothing surprises us or catches us off guard. Our extensive experience makes us prepared to represent any type of crime requiring any type of defense in front of any judge.

Helping Those Who Need It Most

The Constitution guarantees us all certain rights such as the right to a fair trial and to be innocent until proven guilty. However, in a slanted system not all people receive fair treatment. Our years of experience working with law enforcement have provided us with a keen sense of when the police have profiled certain individuals or abused their power. We also work extensively with teenagers who have been accused or charged with crimes. At Zuckerman Law, we take our role as protectors and defenders seriously. We are the voice for those people in our community who don’t have one. We are the protectors of society’s underdog, making sure that the police and government stay in check. We defend the “little guy” against the institutions of power. We make sure that each person gets a fair trial and is indeed innocent until proven guilty, just as the Constitution guarantees.

The Police And Abuse Of Power

Tally Zuckerman

There are police officers who abuse their discretion, who are out for numbers or have a political agenda. We have seen this, and we are skilled in uncovering this bias and misconduct. As attorneys, we and Tally Zuckerman, are committed to fighting racial profiling and the oppression of marginalized groups including juveniles and the LGBTQ community. We are dedicated to revealing law enforcement abuse. We fight injustice. We fight for you. Call us for a free initial consultation at 720-500-5757 or email us about your case. We regularly represent those charged with drug offenses as well as sex crimes. To read more about our legal education and experience, click on the links below.

Dedicated To Serving Our Community

We are committed to serving our community and are active volunteers. Attorney Tally Zuckerman serves on the LYRIC board (Learn Your Rights in Colorado). She is also a volunteer for LYRIC. This program goes into area schools to teach kids how to assert their rights when contacted by law enforcement. Each year LYRIC reaches and teaches hundreds of kids and juveniles about their constitutional rights and how to defend them. Our firm sponsors the LGBT community center of Colorado’s legal program. We are a member of the LGBT community and a strong LGBT ally. We volunteer our legal services for this program and are active in ONE Colorado, a LGBT advocacy organization that lobbies and promotes advocacy and education.