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Our Practice Areas

Assault & Violent Crime

Domestic violence, homicide, harassment and LGBT cases


Juvenile Law

Drugs, rape, trespass, burglary and social media

Sex Offenses

Sexual assault, pornography, exposure and failure to register

Drug Crimes

Possession, distribution, organized crime and collegiate crimes

A Bulldog In The Courtroom

Being charged with a violent, sexual or drug-related crime is serious and can have lasting negative consequences.
You need tough, experienced criminal defense lawyers who understand the law, who know your full rights and when and how to negotiate.

A Devastating Conviction

A conviction, especially of sex crime, can be devastating. It can affect your entire life, including your ability to get a job and live in a neighborhood.
You will need an experienced team that will thoroughly prepare your case, working toward mitigation. Your lawyer needs to be able to understand who you are and present you not as a case, number or behavior, but as a person. Once the other side sees you as a human being, it’s likely they will make reasonable offers. Above all, you need an attorney who knows how and when to negotiate.
Tally Zuckerman

Compassionate, Nonjudgmental Representation

The Importance Of “Code Switching”

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Trial experience: As a former public defender, Tally Zuckerman knows how to work toward the best outcomes for your case.
  • A commitment to equality: We recognize that the legal system and law enforcement procedures are not fair to everyone. We take the protection of our clients seriously – no matter who they are.
  • Plain language counsel: You do not need to research the law to understand your situation. We describe the options for your case in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Skilled defense for teens and young adults: Our experience in juvenile cases allows us to approach each aspect of your case, including school disciplinary hearings and any psychological factors.
  • Free consultations: You can assess your case without the expense of attorney fees. Your first meeting with us is free.

When you need an advocate for a criminal defense, you should be able to trust that your attorney will prioritize your best interests. At Zuckerman Law , we will represent you with the utmost compassion and determination.

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