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Assault & Violent Crime

Domestic violence, homicide, harassment and LGBT

Juvenile Law

Drugs, rape, trespass, burglary and social media

Sex Offenses

Sexual assault, pornography, exposure and failure to register

Drug Crimes

Possession, distribution, organized crime and collegiate

For Tenacious, Compassionate And Experienced Representation

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A Bulldog In the Courtroom

Being charged with a violent, sexual or drug-related crime is serious and can have lasting negative consequences.

You need tough, experienced criminal defense lawyers who understand the law, who know your full rights and when and how to negotiate.

A Devastating Conviction

A conviction, especially of sex crime, can be devastating. It can affect your entire life, including your ability to get a job and live in a neighborhood.

You will need an experienced team that will thoroughly prepare your case, working toward mitigation. Your lawyer needs to be able to understand who you are and present you not as a case, number or behavior, but as a person. Once the other side sees you as a human being, it’s likely they will make reasonable offers. Above all, you need an attorney who knows how and when to negotiate.

Tally Zuckerman
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Compassionate, Nonjudgmental Representation

At Zuckerman Law, we offer compassionate understanding with no judgment. We understand that the law enforcement and legal system are slanted against people of color, the LGBTQ community and people in poverty. With years of public defending people who often are profiled and even harassed by the police, we understand the battle and are willing to go to war for you.

The Importance Of “Code Switching”

“Code switching” is the ability to speak to different people in the way they understand. At Zuckerman Law, we know that we need to take a different approach when speaking to the judge than when speaking to the arresting officer. We are skilled at navigating between judges, juries, probation officers, experts and prosecutors.

We also know that “legal speak” is hard for most regular people to understand. When you work with us, we will explain things in a way that makes sense to you so that you understand what all the legal mumbo-jumbo means.

Accessible Attorneys No Matter What Your Situation

As soon as you retain us on bond, we will meet in our office. If you are in custody and retain us, we will make arrangement to come to you. Not sure if we are the right attorneys for your case? We offer a free one-hour consultation in our office by appointment.

When you need persuasive, tough and experienced litigators working for you, call Zuckerman Law, in metro Denver at 720-500-5757, or email us and we will be in touch.